Construction Services For Your Every Need

Our company’s mission is to be an Advocate for our customers. We work hard to encompass all aspects of home construction & repair. Offering around the clock service – we build, fix and restore any home. Let us restore your home to it’s natural beauty and superior quality.

Finishing Touches: House on a Hill Backyard Renovation

Completing Our House on a Hill Project At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in your home as you reflect on a job well done. We're enjoying that feeling after completing the House on a Hill backyard renovation project. We've...

1 Day Coatings Pool Deck Coating Options

1 Day Coatings Pool Deck Coating Options If you have a pool in your backyard, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in it or around it on the pool deck. It's a place where you can take a quick dip to cool off on a scorching summer afternoon. Secondly,...

The Lake Bend Project – New Home Construction

Beautiful New Home Construction Designed & Built: From The Ground Up Advocate Construction Services LLC has the capabilities to design, plan, execute and create a beautiful home; entirely from the ground up! We are firm believers in setting our homes on firm...

The Home & Garden Show – Foundation Repair Booth

Advocating Community Outreach The Home & Garden Show - March 2016 Advocate Construction is always actively seeking new ways to reach out to our community and spread the word: "We Advocate For Our Customers!" Trade Shows are great venues for us to meet new customers,...

Professional Foundation Repair – Our Custom Approach

Professional Foundation Repair Our Professional & Custom Approach At Advocate Construction Services LLC, we are proud to provide a complete all-in-house contractor approach. We offer all of the services and professional aspects of home remodel or restoration, new...

Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We back up all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our customers are well taken care of by our talented teams ready to assist!

A One-Stop Shop

Our list of services ranges from New Home Construction to Renovation & Repair. We are ready for any task that you can throw at us!

Free Consultation

Just give us a call and you’ll be well on your way to receive a free in-home consultation! We provide an evaluation & a price that we back up!

Started in 2009, Advocate Construction has grown from one client to the next. We believe in good old-fashioned hardwork and dedication to those who helped us get here – our customers.

We serve the greater North Central Texas region and can help you build the home of your dreams, fix it or help you adjust to anything that life throws at you. Our trusted experts are here to help and are glad that you are here!

We invite you to take a look around and give us a call sometime for a friendly one-on-one chat with our owner Nathan Moore. He is always available for questions and provides the personal touch that our customers enjoy.

A Complete List of Services

Our goal is to be your One Stop Shop for all Construction, Renovation & Repair Services. Our teams are diligently trained to handle all aspects of home construction & repairs. We work to understand our clients individual needs and tailor our services to match each client exactly. Find out why we are redefining the Home Construction Industry for Texas, Oklahoma & South Carolina!

New Construction

We are builders at heart! No only can we repair homes, but we also specialize in New Home Construction & Renovation Services. It’s sort of our bread and butter. We work with you from start to finish!

Remodel & Renovation

Worried about shifting or foundation issues? Don’t worry anymore – we have helped countless homeowners fix foundation problems.

Fire & Water Restoration

Sometimes life gives you lemons. If you’re down on your luck and are recovering from a recent fire or water damage – we are here for you. Don’t wait, contact Advocate today!

Foundation Repair

When shifting foundations cause a headache, worry no more – our teams can provide you a free in-home estimate and come up with a game plan to get your home straightened out!

Custom Cabinetry

If you’ve always dreamed of that dream kitchen for your home; you’ve come to the right place. Our talented team of carpenters and our Elite Cabinetry division is ready to lend a hand and build away!

One Day Flooring Coatings

Let’s make your next Man Cave into a reality! Our 1 Day Coatings division has the product designed for rugged environments that need to be tamed!

Service Details

We are very proud of the quality products and services that we offer our customers! Below is some additional information to keep in mind when browsing your options for quality contractors. You’d be hard pressed to find a staff that is better qualified than Advocate Construction!

Find out why so many are turning to Advocate Construction for their new home construction needs! We are passionate about creating gorgeous homes for families to live in and enjoy. Our team is inspired by every beautiful home that we create and fueled with the drive to succeed and innovate! From New Home Construction to Renovation & Repair – we can handle any job that you contact us for!

We feature a very talented and unique staff of certified Carpenters. Our teams are capable of creating 100% Custom Kitchens, Living Spaces, Utility Rooms, Garage Storage and much more to fit your exact needs. We have the capablity to work with all types of woods, paints and finishes. Contact us a for a free estimate today!

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and in those cases we make lemonade! There are those tough circumstances that require home restoration due to flood, fire or any combination of natural disasters. We can assist you with restoring your beloved home back to its original condition. After you contact us, we will evaluate, assess and create an accurate quote for the repairs on your home.

Foundations shift and crack over time. Don’t be caught off guard by a shifting slab that causes internal and external damage to your home. We are here to assess any signs of potential ground movement that you may be experiencing. Give us a call today and we can provide you with a free in-home evaluation of your foundation issues. Our teams will guide you along the safest and most cost effective route to repair or mitigate the effects of ground movement on your home.


Could not be happier with the work this company did. Very professional, very hardworking, very friendly staff, answered all my questions. I recommend not wasting time on other estimates, go for the gold star staff and work.

Linda B.

I used Advocate Foundation Repair after having four bids for my serious foundation troubles. After visiting with all of them I felt like Advocate Construction was the most honest. I had driven around looking at different homes and the work they were actually in the process of doing. They were very prompt on showing up, worked extremely hard, kept me informed of what they were finding and checked back to make sure the dirt was leveling out. I would hire these guys again any day of the week.

Scott H.

Did an outstanding job on leveling my home. Fast, professional and very courteous. Highly recommend them

Kenneth A.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do you offer?
We offer services to cover the entire extent of your home. From the ground up we are able to build, repair, renovate & enhance your home and its functionality. We use the highest quality materials and hand-made craftsmanship to create our 100% custom and unique homes.

Our staff is fully equipped to handle any task that you throw at us. We are your turn-key solution for anything in the home.

That being said, we promote our business in the following areas of the home:

  • New Home Construction
  • Home Remodel & Renovation
  • Fire & Water Restoration
  • Foundation Repair
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • NEW Swimming Pool Construction (more to come on that…)
Do you back up your work with any guarantees?
Absolutely we do! However, because we provide services for all aspects of the home, we have various products that we install with multiple manufacturer warranties. Each job is unique to your needs and therefore we provide you with all the warranty information for each job when we meet with you during the consultation process.

If you would like some information prior to getting service done, no problem! We offer free consultations and quotes to all of our clients. Our knowledge is free and we are here to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your home!

How far do you travel to perform your work?
We’re glad you asked! Advocate Construction provides our wide array of services for the greater North Central Texas region. We have traveled as far as Waco, TX up to Oklahoma to service some of our clients.

Our focus is providing you with the best possible construction solutions. Although we are based out of Wichita Falls, TX we can certainly review your location and provide you with a correct estimate for the work that you would like to complete.

Have a differint Question?

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

We’d love to answer any question that you have regarding our wide range of services. Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you regarding your inquiry. Requesting additional information is the first step towards finding the improvement that you’re looking for!